Lexi Zelin – How to help!

by thelexiprojectsl

I have received a large amount of questions from people asking how they can get involved in helping Lexi Zelin and/or The Lexi Project even when they do not own a store. There are a bunch of ways you can jump in and help with our project. I have made it possible for DJs, singers, performers to come on the sim and take over the airways for as long as you want. Right now, personally I dont have the time to actually book people for slots, that is something I cannot take the task of. But if you are interested in something like that, to donate your time and tips, please see me asap so I can get you set up!
We welcome it!

If you are interested in donation choices for Lexi, below are a few different ways you can do it. Lexi does have a Gofundme site set up. Gofundme will allow you to donate by major credit card or paypal. At the landing point to The Lexi Project, there are 4 individual donation kiosks rezzed at the corners, those all donate 100% to Lexi Zelin’s account. She will also take personal Linden donations to her main account. Lexi has also made it possible for anyone to pick up the donation kiosk, simply join the AngelRed Group inworld and check notices. The kiosks can be rezzed anywhere you have permies to do so and are low prim. Of course by shopping The Lexi Project you are most certainly helping the cause, as every single stall in the building is donating 100% of their sales to Lexi Zelin. Our now current list of participating stores is 350!

Designers, if you are interested in participating in this event and missed the sign up, please contact me [Toxxic Rhiannyr], I do still have some spots available and I can make more if needed.

I feel like a broken record, because I keep telling everyone thank you, thank you .. but I seriously do thank every single person, who has contacted me offering helping hands, the 350 brands coming together, the blogger assistance, Depraved Nation for donating the sim, it is so appreciated! Keep sharing status’, the event page, we are now on the SecondLife Destination Guide, help keep our momentum going! Do it for Lexi!! If you can think of some other way your interested in helping, by all means send me a notecard and I will consider it.

Thank you again,

Toxxic Rhiannyr

Current total raised by The Lexi Project 1,063,592L,
this total includes donations to our kiosks on sim and private donations to the event.