Continue Support

by thelexiprojectsl

Many people have asked about continuing support for Lexi after our project ends and / or event support. The Donation kiosks that are around at many places have been bumped from the AngelRed Group notices, as its been longer then 14 days since she posted those, but Ill see if that is something she can make another notice for. Creators / Event organizers are welcome to place a split script in your items, directing funds to her main account, Lexi Zelin. Our event account was created so we could easily track our sales from the Lexi Project venue, after the event is over it will be closed down. You all can run your own independent support efforts, just like we did. The idea to open the Lexi Project, was just that, an idea I had after many people asked me if there was something going to be done inworld. There is no one stopping you from doing the same thing or starting something on a smaller scale from your brand or event. I have heard from many TLP brands that have sections in their store, set up for splitting funds to Lexi, many marketplace stores also. We just want to be clear, that none of those efforts are dropped under the Lexi Project name or logo, as it has nothing to do with our event.

The Lexi Project will be over, Sunday night, we will begin returning items on Monday.

We thank you for your helping hands & support!

Toxxic Rhiannyr
Heather Smithson