The Lexi Project – Final

by thelexiprojectsl

Total Funds Raised
approx US$ 10,133.20
Gofundme Balance: $3,210


I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you, to everyone involved in this project. Our 360 participating brands, the patrons who shopped til their hands fell off & donated individually, Vampira Voom / Bad Ampitude, Heather Smithson & Kehl Razor / Depraved Nation, Xiola Linden / Linden Labs, Jessica Lyon / Firestorm, all of the bloggers who pushed the info across hundreds of websites / feeds, AngelRed Couture customer base, friends & family, our Live DJs & hosts none of this would have been possible without YOU!

You have all made a HUGE difference in Lexi’s life and its incredibly heart warming to see so many people, come together as one, all different walks of life, residing in many countries, speaking different languages but we all shared 1 common mutual concern and that is the health and well being of Lexi Zelin. Literally a worldwide support team for someone who has impacted many over the years, beautiful, THIS is why I am proud to be a SecondLife resident. You all have restored faith in humanity, brought us all closer together and its just … I am speechless as I sit here reflecting on the past 2 weeks.

The Lexi Project is now closed, but the support does not stop here! TLP creators, please check group notices, I have sent out a copy of Donation Kiosks if you wish to place them on your land. If you already have one out, no need to pick it up, tis the same copy. If you are not inside our group and would like a copy of this kiosk, please feel free to send me a IM, I am happy to pass one over. [Toxxic Rhiannyr] We encourage everyone, if you wish to continue the support, please do so, as this is only the beginning of Lexi’s battle. She returns on Wednesday for her 2nd go at chemo, in total she must do this for 6 months. So while the road is long, I believe her support efforts will continue as so many people have been inquiring about how to keep this going. Amazing! If there is something you feel I might can help with, please feel free to shout, Im happy to help!

Lexi Zelin Gofundme

Toxxic Rhiannyr
Heather Smithson